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Enter manually FREE or use BOOST your chances! to enter our draws

Every one of our giveaways can be entered for FREE by anyone. To start playing, simply enroll to the Galactic Task Force and get entering!

Through each FREE entry or one-off BOOST your chances!, you’re playing and earning each time you enter into a draw.

What is BOOST your chances!?

Enter for FREE

One entry that’s FREE for everyone, forever!

Enter for FREE

BOOST your chances!

Two, three or four times the entries for Dreamcatchers!

BOOST your chances!

BOOST your chances!

Two, three or four times the entries for Dreamcatchers!

BOOST your chances!

Gain XP and work your way up the Galactic Task Force

Each FREE entry and BOOST your chances! entry earns you XP, allowing you to move up through the ranks, earning entries and rewards on the way.

With over 60 space ranks from a humble Space Cadet to distinguished Space Marshal – you’d better get started!

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Space Cadet badge 1
5 / 15 XP
Corporal badge
Lieutenant badge
Lieutenant General badge
Space General badge

Earn rewards for every time you rank up

Each time you rank up you earn FREE rewards, from entries into giveaways to FREE BOOST your chances!.

As part of our Dreamcatcher membership plans, you can also earn exclusive rewards that give you even more XP, FREE entries, BOOST your chances! and more.

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Staff Sergeant badge

Staff Sergeant III

Space Sergeant badge

Space Sergeant


Complete challenges to rank up faster and earn BOOST your chances!

With over 100 challenges to complete, there’s plenty of ways to earn rewards throughout the Galactic Task Force.

From one-off XP increases to FREE BOOST your chances!, each time you enter our giveaways you’ll be making progress on challenges and getting closer to even more rewards.

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Manual only challenge badge
Manual only
Enter 50 draws manually via FREE entry.
+100 XP
8 / 50

Compete on the Galactic Task Force Leaderboard

Earn XP by entering draws, completing challenges, using BOOST your chances! and more, helping you make your way up our official Galactic Task Force leaderboard.

Show the CCD community how serious you are about Planet of Dreams – go and get ranking!

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#1 #1
Space General badge
Dreamcatcher 100 badge
Luke Sanders
Space General
763,219 763,219

#2 #2
General badge
Dreamcatcher 40 badge
Richard Wagner
General IV
649,756 649,756

#3 #3
Lieutenant General badge
FREE member badge
Martha Castro
Lieutenant General IV
453,497 453,497

#4 #4
Lieutenant General badge
Dreamcatcher 10 badge
Allison Hall
Lieutenant General II
370,707 370,707

#5 #5
Major General badge
FREE member badge
Mitchell Rogers
Major General IV
302,285 302,285

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