What is BOOST your chances!?

Increase your odds on your favourite prizes

We do some pretty fantastic giveaways (if we do say so ourselves) and sometimes you just really like one prize more than others.

BOOST your chances! gives you up to 2,000 more entries on any draw, increasing your odds by as little or much as you want.

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Two, three or four times the entries for Dreamcatchers

As part of our Dreamcatcher membership plans, you get double, triple or quadruple the entries when you BOOST your chances!.

Furthermore our plans also give you automatic entry into every draw up to 100 times, exclusive Play & Earn rewards, and a pretty cool badge too.

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Earn FREE BOOST your chances! and more rewards through Play & Earn

Every time you enter our giveaways you earn XP, allowing you to rank up for the Galactic Task Force as well as complete challenges.

Each time you rank up or complete a challenge you’ll earn rewards, including FREE entries and FREE BOOST your chances!.

What is Play & Earn?
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Enter draws 50 times via BOOST.
BOOST your chances!

No commitment, one-time purchasing

Whilst our Dreamcatcher membership plans are the best way of joining our platform, sometimes you just want to increase your odds on one prize.

Through BOOST your chances!, you can pick and choose when you want to up your chances as and when it suits you.

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How you win FREE stuff

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Pick the draws you want a shot at and follow the entry process.

One competition or all of them. Enter as many as you want, every week!

Win prizes 🎁

Sit tight and wait for #FreeFriday.

The winner’s of each competition will be drawn. Same again next week!

Want to increase your chances of winning?


Increase your chances on your favourite draws with one-off BOOST your chances!.

BOOST your chances!

Dreamcatcher plans

Automatic entries on ALL draws plus extra Play & Earn rewards & BOOST your chances! multiplier.

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