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Millie Presland

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4th July 2022

A look at our Audi S3 giveaway

This month on Planet of Dreams we’re giving away a 2007 Audi S3, finished in the unique Sprint Blue colour. It’s an amazing car, and one that’s sure to be an incredible free prize for one lucky winner! 🥳

Having launched in 2006, the second generation Typ 8P Audi S3 is a car which, although having been around for over 15 years, is still respected and loved by petrolheads everywhere. The reason is simple: it delivers a combination of power and performance which to this day is unmatched for its price range, whilst also having a design that is absolutely timeless. Sounds pretty good, right?

2.0 L Turbo
The rear of an Audi S3
The interior of an Audi S3

How this Audi S3 differs from the rest

At a first glance you may think this is any other Audi S3, but it absolutely isn’t. When the vehicle arrived at BINCA, it had a handful of small faults and issues, but after a bit of TLC and a few new parts, it’s now running like a dream. All in all we’ve:

  • New cam shafts
  • Injectors tested
  • New cam belt
  • New head gasket and rocker cover
  • New glovebox as original was missing (how do you lose a glovebox!?)
  • Rear brakes
  • Fully refurbished wheels
  • New air-con display

And to top all that off, we’ve gone a step further to raise the car another level:

  • Stage 2 with air intake by RacingLine Performance taking it from 261 bhp to 330 bhp
  • Installed decat downpipe
  • Fitted lowering springs by RacingLine Performance
  • Added wheel spacers
  • Fitted all-new Yokohama performance tyres
  • Installed new steering wheel by Control Customs
  • Added gel plates by Your Car Reg

Now how’s that for a free car? 🎁 🚗

Audi S3 alloys
Audi S3 mirror
Audi S3 leather seats
Audi S3 tail lights

How can you win a free car?

If you’d like a chance to be one of our lucky winners and receive a free car just like this Audi S3, along with many other free prizes, all you have to do is sign up to the website completely free and enter yourself into the draws.

After that, all you have to do is wait for #FreeFriday at 3pm (our weekly giveaway time) and wait for the winners to be announced. You never know, it could be you!

So what are you waiting for?

This week our free giveaway is 11 prizes and next week 11 more – enter today!

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